The lost lands

Death of Rats

Our adventure continues.

Without giving warning or asking questions – our adventurers attack the figures standing in the hallway – quickly killing them. They move down the complex and take care of a few traps while exploring rooms. They come across a room with a mural in tile – many of the tiles missing. Here they investigate the plaster that is crumbling on the wall only to have large centipedes drop out of the wall and attack – they kept emerging from the wall and when they stopped the wall writhed, our party made a hasty exit.

Next they encountered a room with tapestries – depicting a large battle held at the mouth of the very dungeon they were now in! No one remembered any stories or legends about this. They also discovered a pit trap which held at the bottom spikes and a skeleton – they recover some gear off the poor dead soul and continue exploring. Finding a room that was spiked shut from the inside they burst the door open and discover a three people who seem to have died in their sleep. Raiding the dead they move on.

They then discovered a secret door leading to a room filled with green slime dripping from the ceiling – here they lost their 10 foot pole to the slime. They avoid the room and continue on. Walking down a hallway the rogues 2nd senses fail and she falls into a pit trap – although it was slightly shallow and other than pride not much was harmed. Moving on they discover a room with an trap – which apparently didn’t quite do what it was supposed to do anymore.

The next room they opened – red eyes of doom stared at them – the party was rushed by large rats – resulting in numerous injuries and the death of Ezequiel Valero Here we end our session.

EXP: 5550
3 composite longbow (+1 str)
3 studded leather armor
3 bucklers
3 short swords
3 quivers with 20 arrows
1 backpack
5 iron spikes
a lantern
a pint of oil
50 ft rope
a pouch
a pair of very fashionable leather boots
8 sets of servants’ clothing
a silk gown
a crimson wizard’s robe embroidered with stars and astrological symbols
2 backpacks
a large ball of twine
a bottle of holy water
30 sp
a sketched map from Zelkor’s Ferry to the Mouth of Doom’s entrance
8 human skulls with a hole about the size of an adult male thumb drilled into the top of each

Session 2

Our heroes continue to explore the dungeon – they find stairs going down and fight a mechanical cobra – which poisoned Lam and did serious damage. At this point they hear a distant shriek somewhere in the dungeon – most of the party wanting to move down but the stout fighter wants to investigate the shriek – so they backtrack.

The party then found a room that was covered in a sticky substance – seeing a treasure chest in the back of the room they decided to leave it alone and move on – circling around and finding the entrance to the dungeon – discovering a pit trap and a false door they then opened a door which had rusty hinges – it made a horrible sound and once the door was open they spied 3 humanoid shapes moving into the hallway towards them.

End of session.

Treasure found:
3 gems worth 100gp each

1600 xp (encounters)
500 xp (roleplaying)

1900xp total (not per player)

Missing information...

Jacob “The Fist” – enters the tavern and the noise quiets down – This man is a ranger – you can tell just by looking at him. His boots well worn but well kept, a sturdy axe hanging from his belt – within easy reach – of his left hand. His right arm ends just below the elbow. A local legend, he sits down at the bar and without a word is served by Odo. Taking a long drought from his mug he says

“I could hear your commotion from outside, loud it was. – The Mouth of Doom eh… .. yeah I know about the place.”

- "I wouldn’t say it was all just mindless vermin down there – just by what we saw. The easier parts weren’t too big to explore though – the main level that is, but you could dig – go down deeper if you have the courage. We didn’t.

The Mouth leads to the Gullet, the Demons Gullet – naturally of course. Though there’s nothing natural about that place.

I can say that even on the first floor of the place it marks you (looks at his mangled arm), not just your body…the place…it leaves a stain on your soul.
Yes the vermin, the little things….they sort of have a mind for the place – like it calls to them.
Nothing natural about it.

I remember the bastard monster who took my arm – the local tribes called him Druhgin Bloodjaw, a local villain with a massive war hammer who controlled the Mouth of Doom- don’t know what he was – maybe a very large orc, a half-breed or even an Ogre. Normally I am good at figuring out things like that – awfully hard when you can’t see for the blood in your eyes.
He kept the tribals and humans who threw in with his lot in check. Yes, he took my arm – nearly my life if it wasn’t for Otto and Renark who drug me away while he was distracted. Mouth of Doom indeed."

With that he finishes his beer and tosses some coins on the counter.

“I suddenly realized I don’t have as much thirst as I thought I did.”

And with that he walked out.

First Steps of Adventure!

The party met in Bristleback’s Inn and decided to check out ‘The Mouth of Doom’ as it’s known locally.


Finding a shortcut the party was able to avoid any issues in the wilds – and along with directions bought from a local merchant’s guard they found the entrance.

The party made their way down into the dungeon and into a room with several doors with symbols carved over them – they choose to go through one when a portcullis dropped down behind them blocking their retreat back!

They discovered a room with a wall of solid stone with human skeletons trapped inside of it, the skeletons were all petrified. Looking to the north the party noticed what looked like armor and gems floating in the air. After some experimentation they discovered it was a gelatinous cube – attacking the cube where it couldn’t reach them – the party conquered their first challenge – and received some treasure!

a suit of chainmail (med)
a spearhead
5 arrows – one of which glows with magic when detect magic was used
one gem worth 250gp (the size of a small robin egg)


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