The lost lands

Death of Rats

Our adventure continues.

Without giving warning or asking questions – our adventurers attack the figures standing in the hallway – quickly killing them. They move down the complex and take care of a few traps while exploring rooms. They come across a room with a mural in tile – many of the tiles missing. Here they investigate the plaster that is crumbling on the wall only to have large centipedes drop out of the wall and attack – they kept emerging from the wall and when they stopped the wall writhed, our party made a hasty exit.

Next they encountered a room with tapestries – depicting a large battle held at the mouth of the very dungeon they were now in! No one remembered any stories or legends about this. They also discovered a pit trap which held at the bottom spikes and a skeleton – they recover some gear off the poor dead soul and continue exploring. Finding a room that was spiked shut from the inside they burst the door open and discover a three people who seem to have died in their sleep. Raiding the dead they move on.

They then discovered a secret door leading to a room filled with green slime dripping from the ceiling – here they lost their 10 foot pole to the slime. They avoid the room and continue on. Walking down a hallway the rogues 2nd senses fail and she falls into a pit trap – although it was slightly shallow and other than pride not much was harmed. Moving on they discover a room with an trap – which apparently didn’t quite do what it was supposed to do anymore.

The next room they opened – red eyes of doom stared at them – the party was rushed by large rats – resulting in numerous injuries and the death of Ezequiel Valero Here we end our session.

EXP: 5550
3 composite longbow (+1 str)
3 studded leather armor
3 bucklers
3 short swords
3 quivers with 20 arrows
1 backpack
5 iron spikes
a lantern
a pint of oil
50 ft rope
a pouch
a pair of very fashionable leather boots
8 sets of servants’ clothing
a silk gown
a crimson wizard’s robe embroidered with stars and astrological symbols
2 backpacks
a large ball of twine
a bottle of holy water
30 sp
a sketched map from Zelkor’s Ferry to the Mouth of Doom’s entrance
8 human skulls with a hole about the size of an adult male thumb drilled into the top of each


Ckorik Ckorik

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