The lost lands

Session 2

Our heroes continue to explore the dungeon – they find stairs going down and fight a mechanical cobra – which poisoned Lam and did serious damage. At this point they hear a distant shriek somewhere in the dungeon – most of the party wanting to move down but the stout fighter wants to investigate the shriek – so they backtrack.

The party then found a room that was covered in a sticky substance – seeing a treasure chest in the back of the room they decided to leave it alone and move on – circling around and finding the entrance to the dungeon – discovering a pit trap and a false door they then opened a door which had rusty hinges – it made a horrible sound and once the door was open they spied 3 humanoid shapes moving into the hallway towards them.

End of session.

Treasure found:
3 gems worth 100gp each

1600 xp (encounters)
500 xp (roleplaying)

1900xp total (not per player)


Ckorik Ckorik

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