The lost lands

First Steps of Adventure!

The party met in Bristleback’s Inn and decided to check out ‘The Mouth of Doom’ as it’s known locally.


Finding a shortcut the party was able to avoid any issues in the wilds – and along with directions bought from a local merchant’s guard they found the entrance.

The party made their way down into the dungeon and into a room with several doors with symbols carved over them – they choose to go through one when a portcullis dropped down behind them blocking their retreat back!

They discovered a room with a wall of solid stone with human skeletons trapped inside of it, the skeletons were all petrified. Looking to the north the party noticed what looked like armor and gems floating in the air. After some experimentation they discovered it was a gelatinous cube – attacking the cube where it couldn’t reach them – the party conquered their first challenge – and received some treasure!

a suit of chainmail (med)
a spearhead
5 arrows – one of which glows with magic when detect magic was used
one gem worth 250gp (the size of a small robin egg)


Ckorik Ckorik

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